Foreign Rights of AnkhHermes

AnkhHermes is the leading esoteric, mind-body-spirit publishing company in the Netherlands. We publish +/- 55 new titles and 80 reprints a year. Our backlist includes about 500 titles. Although the Netherlands is a small country, the Dutch are known to be very keen readers and Dutch authors are very active in developing new ways in the realm of spirituality. We are also the publishers of Eckhart Tolle, Lynne McTaggart & Ervin Laszlo in The Netherlands. Half of our list consists of translated titles, mostly translated from English, German and French language.

Many of our originally Dutch titles have been translated in to a foreign language. Rights for many of our books have been bought by publishers in UK, Australia, USA, Germany, Italy, France, Spain, Greece, Japan, Korea, etc. A rights guide is available for anyone who is interested in buying the rights to our books, and where possible we will send you a (part)translation in English.

The books that we publish have the intention of helping people to become self-aware, acquire wisdom, find their own path and insight in life. We offer books that will inspire readers of all levels, not based on any specific religion or doctrine. Our books can help an individual to transcend from the ego-self to a higher consciousness.

The subjects we are interested in are:

  • Eastern & Western wisdom/religions, such as Hinduism, Sufism, Vedas, Lao Tze, Confucius, Maya, Egypt, etc.
  • Mind-Body-Spirit, including books on meditation, consciousness, reincarnation, etc.
  • (Para)psychology, including NLP, hypnosis, positive thinking, inner child
  • Yoga, including relaxation techniques
  • (Alternative) Medicine, including yoga, acupuncture, diet, healing, massage, etc.
  • Environment, global transformation
  • Children, including Children of Now, Indigo, education, etc.
  • New sciences – authors like Laszlo, McTaggart, Goswami, Ramtha

AnkhHermes is an imprint of VBK-Media, based in Utrecht.

For more information or if you wish to receive our rights guide please contact us at